Firm Overview

Charysh & Schroeder, Ltd. was founded by Michael J. Charysh and David H. Schroeder on May 1, 1989.  Since that time, it has served the needs of insurers, selfinsureds and the business community.

The firm prides itself on hiring experienced attorneys capable of independently handling and trying complicated cases.  Unless the client instructs otherwise, each matter is initially assigned to one of the name partners who works closely with an associate attorney throughout the case.  Files are not transferred without the client’s consent.  This allows information to be readily available from at least two attorneys who possess first hand knowledge of the status of the litigation.  The client is provided the services of two seasoned litigators without any duplication of effort or cost.


Our standard procedures include:


iStock_000001836238_Small1.     Timely reporting and prompt responses to questions on whatever basis mandated  by the client.


2.     Well reasoned opinions on exposure and verdict/settlement potential which are  not changed on the courthouse steps.


3.     Obtaining authority from the client for litigation expenditures.


4.     No charge to the client for office conferences, unauthorized legal research,   and normal office overhead (postage, local telephone, etc.).


5.     No duplication of work by multiple professionals which is charged to the client.


6.     Going to trial without hesitation, when the client deems it necessary.



We measure our success by the results obtained for our clients, and their level of satisfaction with our work.  IF THE CLIENT IS NOT SATISFIED, WE ARE NOT SATISFIED.